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Braun Era

The LECTRON at Braun show events from 1967 through 1968

Special important education-centric shows occur in Germany every year. Appearance at these shows by vendors is important to effectively introduce (and sustain interest) in education product lines. When Braun acquired the LECTRON sales distributor rights in late 1967, the company participated in the major shows of the time which included Electronica, Didacta, and the Spielwarenmess which is always held in Nürnberg. These three shows continue to be held today.

As a point of information, Lectron, GmbH showed the LECTRON product line at the vendor stall of Ehrlicher Plastik in 2001 during the Didacta show held in Hannover on February 19th through the 23rd.

The current curator of the newly redesigned (2013-2014) BraunCollection museum in Kronberg, Mr. Horst Kaupp, designed many of the Braun show displays for many years including the ones shown below in the photographs of Braun shows and exhibits. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Kaupp during my visit to Germany in June of 2014. Günther Stabe and myself enjoyed a very informative tour of the museum. Thank-you Herr Kaupp! The photo immediately below shows Mr. Kaupp and myself admiring the Braun sales representative case for the LECTRON.

The main entrance to the Braun corporate headquaters in Kronberg.

The following photos were copied from archives located at the Reha Werkstatt Oberrad (RWO) in November of 2013 and are shown with the permission of RWO management.

The following 6 photos were taken at the Electronica show held in Munich during November 7th - 13th, 1968.

The double photo below was taken at the Informationszentrum event held in Hamburg during December of 1967.

Mr. Manfred Walter can be seen in the lower photo of the double photograph on the right wearing black glasses. I would love to know what the device is that the presenter is discussing. I do not know at which show the two photos were taken.

Two rare color photographs taken at the Didacta show held in Hannover during June 7th - 11th, 1968. This show was the only known public appearance of the prototype models discussed further on their own page under the Braun Era -> Prototype Models page.

The following last series of photographs are also from the Didacta show held in Hannover during June 7th - 11th, 1968.

Mr. Walter is the 2nd gentleman from the left in the dark suit.

A close-up of the prototype models on display.